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microflex®974 Injector Direct Protection
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microflex®974 Injector Direct Protection

microflex® 974 prevents fuel-related deposits in injectors thanks to innovative ROA² technology that forms a molecular-active protective film. It thereby minimises fuel consumption and keeps emissions values low. When added to the fuel tank, the fuel is proven to remain within the DIN EN 228 fuel standard.

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ROA² (Reactive Organic Amines) technology

  • Further development of ROA technology (more powerful cleaning formula)

  • Deposits on injectors are broken down and cleaned away

  • Re-contamination is prevented

  • Excellent dissolution properties in all petrol mixtures

  • Properties

  • Independently tested for effectiveness by TÜV

  • Provides effective protection against fuel-related deposits

  • Molecularly active protective film delays recontamination

  • Maintains fuel consumption and exhaust gas values regarding fuel-related pollution at the same level as new cars

  • Antioxidants delay the chemical ageing of the fuel

  • Increases the octane number to prevent "knocking" and prevent engine damage

  • Simple and efficient one-step application thanks to state-of-the-art packaging technology

  • Suitable for use by the end customer

  • Application area

  • Suitable for all petrol (ethanol) mixtures

  • For all intake manifold and direct-injection petrol engines.

  • Use regularly (recommended every 5,000 km) for best protection. Use after applying 979 Injector Direct cleaner or 937 Injector Intensive cleaner.

  • Instructions

    Add to the fuel tank.


    100 ml: Sufficient for up to 40 litres of fuel (min. 5 litres of fuel).
    200 ml: Sufficient for up to 80 litres of fuel (min. 10 litres of fuel).

    Suitable for all (ethanol) petrol mixtures.