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907 Silicone Protect
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907 Silicone Protect

A synthetic active spray for door rubbers and all plastic guides in the interior of a vehicle. Prevents unwanted noises from occurring in an area where plastic meets metal and rubber. Its water repellent protective coating reduces friction wear. Resistant to both high and low temperatures.

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Human Technology®:

  • Certified by NSF*

  • Free from all fragrances and colourings which can trigger allergic reactions

  • Does not contain solvents

  • Does not contain any nerve- damaging n-hexane

  • No toxicologically relevant indications

  • *NSF International, The Public Health and Safety CompanyTM

  • Properties

  • Prevents unwanted noises when plastics come into contact with each other or with metal and rubber

  • Colourless oily film reduces frictional wear

  • Temperature-resistant from -40°C to +200°C

  • Especially high adhesion on plastics and rubber

  • Highly durable and water-repellent protective layer

  • Application area

  • In case of creaking noises and to lubricate:

  • Plastics to plastic

  • Plastic to rubber

  • Plastic to metal and ceramic

  • Rubber to painted surfaces, e.g. door seals

  • Excellent for use on sliding doors and sliding roof guides

  • Instructions

    Shake the can vigorously until the signaling balls are audible. Spray on the surfaces to be treated and allow to evaporate shortly. In the case of door seals, wipe of excess product using absorbable cloths.


  • If the product is to be used in the food-processing industry, only the minimum quantity that is technically necessary may be used.

  • If the product is to be used as an anti-corrosive film, it must be completely removed before the device in question is used again.