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901 Liquid Grease Flow
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901 Liquid Grease Flow

High-quality synthetic active liquid grease with PTFE. Excellent creep and lubricating effect and outstanding corrosion protection. Ideal long-term care for all moving, metallic parts.

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TUNAP Human Technology®:

  • NSF*-certified

  • Free from fragrances and dyes

  • Free from solvents

  • Free from neurotoxic n-hexane

  • No indicators of toxicological effects

  • *NSF International, The Public Health and Safety CompanyTM

  • Properties

  • Very good anti-corrosion protection and wear protection through use of a calcium-complex formula

  • Reduces friction also under extreme conditions, through use of PTFE

  • Very good creeping properties

  • Stable at temperatures from -40°C to +200°C

  • Does not gum up and does not stick

  • Application area

  • ​Long-term lubrication for all moving components (e.g. door brakes, seat rails, joints, hinges, sliding parts, studs, door striker, locking cylinders, locks, rods etc.)

  • Drastically reduced danger to the health through use of Human Technology®. Therefore particulary suitable for use in vehicle interiors.

  • As part of the TUNAP service package "Pflege spüren"

  • Instructions

    Refer to the product information before use. Shake well before use. Spray parts to be maintained.


  • If the product is to be used in the food-processing industry, only the minimum quantity that is technically necessary may be used.

  • If the product is to be used as an anti-corrosive film, it must be completely removed before the device in question is used again.