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372 Electronic Grease
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372 Electronic Grease

Water-repellent synthetic grease. Secures the current flow on electrical contacts. Protects against contact fire and mechanical wear. Suitable for flat connector systems and gold-plated push-on contacts.

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Hazardous Material


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  • Protects against chemical and electrochemical corrosion

  • Reduces wear-inducing friction on contacts

  • Fine coating on the contact surfaces with precious metals such as gold, silver, rhodium etc. are protected from abrasion

  • Seals contacts against damaging external influences such as wetness, dust and aggressive ambient air

  • Ensures secure and low-loss current flow

  • Neutral against insulating varnishes and materials that are used in the area of electronics

  • Application area

  • Plug connections in the engine compartment

  • Diagnostic connector

  • Bond earthing connectors, trailer socket, battery terminals, contacts behind trims

  • Connections in the lower vehicle area such as ABS, ASR, EDL

  • Instructions

    Spray parts. After evaporation of the propellant gas (a few seconds) establish plug connection.


  • The protective treatment is fully effective even with not yet fully flashed off contact cleaner 375