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159 Silicone Sealing
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159 Silicone Sealing

Permanently elastic, high-temperature silicone sealant that leaves no marks for use in the automotive sector with improved recipe. For sealing water pumps, oil pumps, oil sumps and housing lids. Neutrally curing, non-corrosive. Extremely resistant to engine and gearbox oils, coolant and antifreeze.

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  • The only oxime silicone sealing compound without carcinogenic ingredients (no-Meko)

  • Completely non classified (GHS/CLP)

  • Highly resistant against engine and gearbox oil and coolant

  • Non-corrosive, can be used on all metals and electronic components (e.g. sensors)

  • High dynamic load capacity and age resistance

  • Can be used at temperatures from -60°C up to 280°C, intermittently up to 320°C

  • No irritating or aggressive vapours

  • Excellent adhesion to many materials

  • Application area

  • For sealing parts that will be removed again:

  • Inlet systems

  • Water pumps

  • Oil pumps

  • Oil pans

  • Camshaft bearing cover

  • Thermostat housing

  • Valve cover

  • Front and transmission cover

  • Drive axle covers

  • Sunroofs

  • Doors

  • Instructions

    Refer to SI 159 before application. Remove the old sealing material from the bonding surface. The bonding surface must be clean, dry and free from dust. Apply 159 to the bonding surfaces of the assembly components and attach within 5 minutes.


  • Do not use as a substitute for cylinder head and exhaust manifold seals.