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153 Manual Gearbox System
153 Manual Gearbox System - 1
153 Manual Gearbox System - 2

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153 Manual Gearbox System

Long-term protection for gearbox oils. Can extend the gearbox service life. Promotes quiet, smooth running and exact shifting.

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  • Reduces wear by means of OMC² technology

  • Stabilises viscosity

  • Slows down oil deterioration

  • Protects against corrosion

  • Extends the service life of components

  • Ensures clean, precise gearshifts

  • Reduces friction-related noise

  • Application area

  • For unwanted gearbox noises

  • For running and howling noises

  • For sluggish gearshifts

  • When changing the gearbox oil

  • For gearbox repairs

  • Instructions

    For all gearbox repairs. For hard-to-shift gears. For running noise and howling noises. Remove the cap, screw on the filler hose. Tilt the valve to add the contents of the can to the gearbox oil.


    Sufficient for 2.5 litres of gearbox oil (max. 10% of the gearbox oil filling quantity)


  • Suitable for mineral-based and synthetic gearbox oils

  • If the gearbox and differential are integrated, only use MP 153 Manual gearbox

  • Not suitable for polyglycol-based gearbox oils!