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145 Cooling System Protection
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145 Cooling System Protection

Highly effective cooling system protection, works against all kinds of micro-leaks. For preventative use after every repair to the cooling system. Product remains in the system until the next time the fluid is replaced.

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  • Protects against leaks in the cooling circuit

  • Permanently seals hairline cracks and micro leaks

  • Guaranteed to keep heating valves and water pumps working

  • Prevents seal transpiration and loss of cooling water

  • Has no effect on rubber, plastics, light alloys or non-ferrous metals

  • Suitable for all glycol- and glycerine-based anti-freeze

  • Application area

  • ​Non-tight hose connections

  • Transpiration-soaked head gaskets

  • Hairline cracks in the radiator, cylinder head or engine block

  • Water loss, wet cylinder liners to lubricant oil

  • Instructions

    Add directly to the coolant circuit with a warm engine. After adding leave the engine running (at least 10 minutes) or carry out a test drive. Check coolant level, absence of air and leak tightness of the system.


    Sufficient for up to 10 litres of coolant.


  • In the case of a contaminated cooling system, radiator cleaning with the cooling system cleaner MP 143 and refilling with anti-freeze or coolant is required.