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143 Cooling System Cleaner
143 Cooling System Cleaner - 1
143 Cooling System Cleaner - 2
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143 Cooling System Cleaner

Non-foaming, acid-free special cleaning agent with new, improved formula for modern high-performance cooling systems. Dissolves and binds oily residues, eliminates slime and corrosion deposits. Neutralises lime residues. A clean cooling system increases operational and functional safety.

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  • Cleans the cooling and heating system.

  • Dissolves and binds oily and greasy residues

  • Penetrates and eliminates slime and corrosion deposits

  • Neutralises lime residues

  • Application area

  • When repairing radiators to rectify reduced cooling performance

  • In case of deposits in the cooling circuit

  • When changing coolant

  • For cleaning purposes following engine repairs (oil in the cooling system)

  • Instructions

    ​Allow warm cooling water to drain. Top up the cooler with fresh water and add MP 143. Set the heating valves to warm. Bring the engine up to operating temperature and leave it to run for approximately 30 minutes. Drain used cleaning fluid and flush with clean water. Add a fresh mix of anti-freeze and water. Avoid storing the product at temperatures below 0°C.


    500 ml is sufficient for 10 l
    5 l is sufficient for 100 l


  • Replace rubber seals damaged by ingress of oil as required