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13310 Injecto Clean Machine

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13310 Injecto Clean Machine

The latest generation of the automatic cleaning device for professionally cleaning all fuel injection systems in diesel and petrol vehicles. Reliably removes deposits and contamination in the fuel injection system in conjunction with the specifically adapted fuel injection system cleaners 937 (petrol) and 938 (diesel).

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  • Direct cleaning of injection nozzles and injectors on all petrol/ diesel engines

  • No disassembly of injection nozzles or injectors required

  • Removes deposits and carbon build-ups in injectors

  • Dissolves and eliminates fuel-related impurities in high-pressure pumps

  • Ensures a consistent injection spray, smooth idling and reduced particulate emissions and fuel consumption

  • Simple application and installation in all fuel systems via the separate adapter set

  • Application area

  • For problems with contaminated injectors and injector nozzles

  • Before all adjustment tasks and emissions measurements

  • For malfunctions, e.g. noisy idling, reduced engine performance, increased soot build-up

  • Instructions

    Refer to SI 937 or SI 938.