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144 Cooling System Agent

Non-hazardous, synthetic cooling system active substance. Suitable for use in cooling lubricants with or without silicate. Converts rust and lime into water-soluble substances and supplements consumed additives in the coolant. Integrated UV pigment particles allow quick determination of leaking areas in the cooling system.

Art.-no. 1104418

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144 Cooling System Agent

Art.-no. 1104418

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  • Ensures the cooling system functions correctly

  • Supplements consumed coolant additives

  • Cleans the entire system continuously while driving

  • Converts corrosion and lime into water-soluble substances

  • Prevents foam build-up that reduces cooling

  • Leaking areas can be determined quickly and easily under UV light

  • Compatible with antifreeze that does or does not contain silicates

  • Application area

  • For finding leaks in the cooling system

  • For missed coolant change intervals

  • For topping up coolant

  • Prevents damage if there is increased load on the cooling system

  • For cases of using water of unknown quality

  • Instructions

    Add the coolant.


    500 ml is sufficient for 10 litres of coolant, 1000 ml is sufficient for 40 litres of coolant


  • Observe the coolant level when adding
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    144 Cooling System Agent


    500 ml

    Shelf life

    730 d

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    Hazardous Material

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