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163 System Agent

​Specially developed active agent concentrate for vehicles running on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Minimises valve wear (valve impact) and ensures the fuel's long-term stability in combination with MP 164. Prevents the ageing-related oxidation of petrol.

Art.-no. 11AMP16300375AB

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163 System Agent

Art.-no. 11AMP16300375AB

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Hazardous Material


  • Prevents the ageing-related oxidation of petrol

  • Prevents deposits in the fuel system due to the keep clean effect

  • Minimises valve wear

  • Corrosion protection for the entire fuel system

  • Prevents the formation of residues in the fuel system

  • Application area

  • After the conversion to liquefied petroleum gas operation

  • For all maintenance on the system

  • For repairs on the system

  • Also suitable for vehicles running on natural gas (CNG)

  • Instructions

    Add the contents of the can to the fuel tank.
    In combination with MP 164, an additional dosage is necessary if the fuel tank has been run empty or, at the latest, after 10,000 km.


    One can is sufficient for up to 80 litres of petrol. Minimum fill level of 10 litres.


  • Optimal long-term engine protection is only achieved in combination with MP 164 system agent LPG (gas)
  • Product information


    Calculated Custom Description

    163 System Agent


    375 ml

    Shelf life

    730 d

    Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

    Hazardous Material

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