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138 Intake System Cleaner

Highly effective active solvent especially for cleaning typical contamination and deposits around the air intake and throttle valves.

Art.-no. 1103665

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138 Intake System Cleaner

Art.-no. 1103665

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Hazardous Material


  • Breaks down resins, oily residues and carbon soiling in the intake area of petrol engines

  • A special spraying system delivers high mechanical cleaning performance

  • Application area

  • Cleaning of throttle and throttle units

  • For making moving parts, including idling actuators accessible

  • Cleaning of carburettors (internally and externally)

  • Rinsing of bore holes and nozzles

  • Instructions

    Liberally spray the whole surface of the parts to be cleaned and allow the agent a few minutes to soak in. Rinse off any dislodged dirt by spaying again with product 138. Residual agent remains on the surface as a protective layer.


  • Only use for petrol engines!

  • For better cleaning results it is recommended to dismantle throttle units and similar components in order to be able to clean difficult to access places optimally.
  • Product information


    Calculated Custom Description

    138 Intake System Cleaner


    400 ml

    Shelf life

    730 d

    Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

    Hazardous Material

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