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133 Valve Cleaner

Valve cleaner for all petrol engines with port injection. Cleans intake area, inlet valves and combustion chambers while the engine is running. Removes deposits which can occur through burning unsuitable fuel. Product is added via atomizer probe with special nozzle.

Art.-no. 1103555

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133 Valve Cleaner

Art.-no. 1103555

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Hazardous Material


  • Product is added via the air intake area with the engine running

  • Cleaning without dismantling the valves

  • Cleans inlet valves and valve stems

  • Removes the most stubborn deposits in the combustion chamber in particular in the top land area of the pistons

  • Removes varnishes on the exhaust valve stems

  • Ensures the precise valve seat

  • To protect against valves burning out

  • Can even be used for older engine generations

  • Application area

  • Above all adjustment work and exhaust gas measurements

  • In case of bad compression

  • In case of excessive fuel consumption

  • In case of bad engine performance

  • In case of delayed throttle response or engine jolts

  • In case of cold start problems or rough warm-up phase

  • In case of rough running of the engine

  • Instructions

    Refer to Service Information SI 133.

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    133 Valve Cleaner


    400 ml

    Shelf life

    730 d

    Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

    Hazardous Material

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