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994 Hygienic Cleaner AC Systems

For healthy air in the car: airco well® cleans air conditioning units thoroughly and effectively. Flushes microorganisms, pathogens and dirt out of the evaporator at high-pressure and prevents the build-up of odours.

Art.-no. 1101653

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994 Hygienic Cleaner AC Systems

Art.-no. 1101653

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Hazardous Material


  • Improves air quality in the car

  • For the rapid removal of contamination and deposits on the evaporator

  • Removes the biofilm build up by microorganisms (fungi, bacteria)

  • For eliminating unpleasant odours that can develop due to mould and bacteria

  • Contains no allergenic dyes or fragrances

  • Environmentally friendly and health compatible

  • Application area

  • Cleaning and flushing of air conditioning system evaporators

  • Instructions

    Fill the airco well® pressure cup spray gun and flush out the evaporator. Refer to SI 994 prior to use!

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    994 Hygienic Cleaner AC Systems


    1 l

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    730 d

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    Hazardous Material

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